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A Graduate of Unani System of Medicine hails from a renowned family of Unani physicians. His great grand father Hakim Syed Jalal Ali Shah .

Alhaj Hakim Syed Asghar Ali Shah Sahib (1927-1990), author of monthly “Tondresty” and wrote several Tabbi Books. Their contribution to the propagation and development of unani system of medicine in the country will always remember. He has presented many scientific papers delivered guest lectures and given interviews regarding the application of herbal medicine maintenance of health by natural way in different National Seminars, Press and T.V.

Dr. & Herbalist (Hakim) Shafqat Ali Shah Traditional Unani Physician and wrote classic tabbi calum in different news papers and also regularly coming on D.M.Digital TV and Venus TV weekly live programem. Credited with introducing Unani Medicine in the west more than 30 years ago. Hakim Shafqat Ali Shah, Director of U.K Unani Herbal Healing, recently sat interview at the T.V and different news papers and shared his thoughts about natural healing and the western medicine tradition.

Dr. & Herbalist (Hakim) Shafqat Ali Shah from Pakistan is now very much known to everyone in the world. We have inherited Tibb and ancient formula of medicines from our predecessors for more than 200 years and blend it with new medical research.