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We are renowned Qualified and experienced registered Medical Herbalists and qualified Homeopathic Physician Doctor & Herbalists:-


We are international skin specialist and chronic disease specialist.

Doctor of medicine

Medicina Alternative M.D (M.A)

Colomba Sirlanka

D.H.M.S ( Pakistan ) D.I. Hom ( England )

R.H.M.P (N.C.T) Govt. of Pakistan

Full member of British Herbal Association England. HD (R.Hom) Canada .

We have cured with the grace of God thousands of skin patients particularly Psoriasis, Itehing, Ringworm, Eczema, Burns, Cuts, Pimples, Hair-loss, Leucorrhoea, Menstrual Problems, General Impotency and other Sexual Problems, Migraine, Weight loss/ gain, Asthma, Gastric Problem, Arthritis and joint pains, Hypertension. Where allopathic Doctors wants to need surgery same cases with the help of herbal medicines. We Cured without surgery particularly prostate gland, renal, kidney, Gallbladder, stone, Fibroids/ ovarian cysts, tumors, Arthritis Rheumatoid and Gout. High blood pressure, piles, defeats obesity and all female diseases we are Qualified Sexology from Pakistan . We makes's Special courses for infertile couples. Just our apprise you of the background, it is essential to mention that we are in this field from 7 th generation. Our won father late Dr. & Herbalist. Syed Asgher Ali Shah during his life was a renowned figure and widely known in the country as an experienced and best herbalist. We too had the honour of closely working with him. By virtue of all this we have been running our own clinic successfully and treating patients of different diseases with herbal medicines. Now having vast experience in the field even out side patients from far flung areas and also abroad visit clinic.
We are lot of experience in manufacturing all types of Herbal Medicine specially those case, where allopathic doctor cannot gives relive we able to cured without surgery.


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